Molto Mondo Morricone

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compiled by cinesoundz

release date: 02.06.2003

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Mondo Morricone
Vol. 1

More Mondo Morricone
Vol. 2

Ennio Morricone is quite probably the world's greatest living film composer. His peak period as an artist coincides with the peak period for world cinema, i.e. the 1960's and 70's.

As you experience the broad range of sounds on this disc, soundtracks for smart and sexy adventurers, you will notice that this anthology of themes (completing a classic trilogy, with enhanced Volumes 2 and 1 being rereleased within this year) is built out of nothing but "the good stuff".
Some particular highlights : Track 2, "Le Casse", is the main titles track from a great caper flick of the 70´s, "The Burglars", starring Jean-Paul Belmondo and Omar Sharif.
Track 7, "Ma Non Troppo Erotico" is probably one of the most delightfully blatant examples of orchestral erotica ever put to tape, a very hot, steamy number!

Just as sexy, but a bit more subdued, is the lascivious "Mariangela e la Seduzione" (track 11) from "Il Gatto (The Cat)", featuring the magnificent Edda Dell 'Orso.
Track 1, "Ninnananna Per Adulti", and track 20, "Matto, Caldo...Girotondo (Reprise)", are from the 1968 Italian drama "Vergogna Schifosi (Shame and Disgrace/Dirty Angels), directed by Mauro Severino.
Track 5, "Ninna Nanna In Blu", from Dario Argento's "Cat 'o Nine Tails" ("Il Gatto a Nove Code", 1970), is a sweet lullaby, opening a murderous thriller.
Nicely rounding out our selection are examples of Morricone's "party music": track 9, "Lounge Music 1" from "Revolver", - a track never released before ! - ; or track 10, "Beat No.3" from "Teorema".
I only wish people would play music this attractive and engaging at the parties I attend!